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May 3, 2018

Apply for and Get the Right Mortgage for You

The application process and the documentation required for a mortgage loan is completely different for domestic clients and international borrowers.

If you are a US-based property buyer, banks will check your credit score at the beginning of the application process and also at the end to verify you don’t have additional debts after you’ve started the mortgage process.

Tip: Credit applications reduce your credit score. Postpone furniture financing, car leases, credit card applications, etc. until the mortgage process ends.

If you are an international borrower, the most important factor in getting your mortgage approved is the liquidity and reserves you show at the beginning of the process. Banks that lend to international clients rely heavily on liquidity formulas. For that reason, you must submit your last 2–3 balance statements.

Tip: Try not to make major transactions after the application process has started. Banks will ask you to document where new funds came from and where funds are going when they see withdrawals.

Tip: In either case, never apply for a loan with a company where you don’t have direct contact with the loan officer.

Purchasing a property can be stressful, daunting ,and confusing. A knowledgeable agent should represent you during every step of the process, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Ready to start your application process? Give the mortgage experts at Multilending Group a call, wWe’ll work diligently to achieve your unique financial goals, and provide the best mortgage financing available with the best available rates and terms. Our flexible underwriting, attention to detail, know-how, and exceptional service empowers you to qualify for loans that the big banks can’t or won’t offer.


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